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Short Range Digital Communications Device UDM-240Z Maxon TB-2000 Base Station Series Fully Assembled and Ready to Use. TecNet TB-8000 Series Base Station, 40-50 Watts, 512 Channels.
Our Price: 269.00
Our Price: 459.00
Our Price: 489.00
The UDM-240ZV is a mobile dongle, which enables to control wirelessly the mobile radio by interlocking with external port of mobile radio between UDM-240ZH.

Maxon TB-2000 Base Station Series are Fully Assembled and Ready to Use. 25 Watt Power Output 512 Channel Capability. Built-in 10 Amp Power Supply

TecNet TB-8000 Series Base Station Series are Fully Assembled and Ready to Use. 40 Watt UHF and 50 Watts VHF Power Output.
Maxon SR-170 Series Single User Repeaters Icom FR5000 and FR6000 Digital & Analog Modules, Repeaters BridgeCom BCR Series UHF, VHF Repeater.
Our Price: 599.00
Our Price: 965.00
Our Price: 1,385.00
Maxon SR-170 Series Single User Repeaters. 5 Watts Power Output, 12.5/25 kHz Bandwidth. Fully Assembled, Tuned and ready to use.

The Icom FR5000 (VHF) and FR6000 (UHF) repeaters feature best-in-class digital or analog performance. Can use as simple base stations or repeaters.

The BCR Repeater provides extremely reliable repeater/base station combo. This is best sounding repeaters on the market.

Icom CY5000 / CY6000 IDAS Digital & Analog Repeater with Internal Power Supply Icom X-BAND REPEATER Cross Band VHF & UHF Icom Voting Receiver Enhance Portable & Mobile Talk-In Performance
Our Price: 1,739.00
Our Price: 1,999.99
Our Price: 2,265.00
The repeater module and power supply with backup are all contained in a single housing and has Ethernet connections for IP/remote management.

Full UHF and VHF interoperability; provides inter-band communications. 50 Watts VHF; 45 Watts UHF Can also be used as a dual base unit.

Enhance Portable and Mobile Talk-in Performance UHF or VHF frequency ranges. Receiver, pilot tone generator and power supply all in one chassis.
Icom IDAS 100-150 Watts, 32 Channels Digital & Analog Repeater FR9010 - FR9020 Series 110W Full Duty Cycle P25 Digital Repeater Icom Eclipse2 Series P25 Repeater / Analog Base Station
Our Price: 3,939.00
Our Price: 6,220.00
Our Price: 7,765.00
100W, 120W and 150W at 100% duty cycle, 32 channels Digital Repeater. Versions: Standard 100 W, Public safety version 120W and 150 W.

IC-FR9010 and IC-9020 are compatible with both analog FM mode and P25 digital mode. Available to program digital and/or analog FM modes per channel.

The Eclipse2 offers the latest P25 impressive analog performance, and get full VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400 - 520 MHz) coverage alone with 256 of channels and 100W output.