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Radio Research Incorporated offers the technical expertise and dedicated service to help you keep your communications running smoothly. In our Store you can find special prices for wireless modems, routers, two-way radios and accessories. We offer high quality and fast (1-2 business days) Repair Service on most models portable, mobile radios and repeaters.Our FCC licensed technicians provide high quality and fast Programming and Repair Service on most types of analog and digital radios.

Please email us for sales: sales@radioresearch.us technical support: usa472@msn.com
by phone (718) 980-6787 or (646) 823-5679.
We are located at: Radio Research Incorporated, 220 Finley Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306 USA.

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CalAmp Icom Vertex-Standard Motorola

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Earpiece COMFIT PRO-AUDIO 1-WIRE BOOM MICROPHONE for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex and other Radios Antenna UHF 450-470 MHz Directional Fully Welded Yagi.
Our Price: $59.50
Our Price: $49.00
The Power of comfort earphone provides excellent durability, reliability and performance in low-profile environment. 100 Watts, 3 el.-7.1 dBd, 5 el.-9.2 dBd, 6 el.-10.2 dBd, Max SWR 1.5:1. N Female connector, Rated Wind Velocity 90 MPH.

Short Range Digital Communications Device UDM-240Z FUSION Multi-Network 4G/3G LTE Router
Our Price: $269.00
Our Price: $1,032.00
FUSION industrial grade 4G/3G LTE cellular router
The UDM-240ZV is a mobile dongle, which enables to control wirelessly the mobile radio by interlocking with external port of mobile radio between UDM-240ZH.

Fusion offers the ultimate in connectivity and redundancy by routing traffic concurrently between carrier networks, without requiring an external router or switch.
Icom M73 VHF Marine Handheld , 6 Watts IPX8 Submersible PLUS BridgeCom BCR Series UHF, VHF Repeater.
Our Price: $195.00
Our Price: $1,385.00
The M73 is perfect for the commercial marine market and radio users familiar with Icom's celebrated M72 VHF handheld. The M73 features 6 Watts of high transmit power and waterproof IPX8 Submersible construction. The M73 also promotes the popular hourglass body shape and comfortable side grips for intuitive one-handed operation. The BCR Repeater provides extremely reliable repeater/base station combo. This is best sounding repeaters on the market.