Radio Research Incorporated.

Radio Research Incorporated is on the two-way communications market since 2002 and a distributor, reseller and dealer of most famous brands such as Motorola, Icom, Maxon, CalAmp, Otto, Klein, Hustler, Tram-Browning, TecNet and other. We carry wireless serial and IP radio modems and routers for cellular and telemetry networks, portable, mobile, base 2-way radios and repeaters, marine navigation equipment, avionics base stations and handheld radios. In our Internet store at you can find large selection of quality antennas for portable radios, mobile and base radio stations, accessories for telemetry SCADA networks, RF coax cables, connectors, batteries, headsets, earpieces, programming cables, software and much more. Our FCC and Microsoft certified technicians provide excellent technical support, repair and programming service. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service.