Welcome to Radio Research Incorporated.

Radio Research Incorporated offers the technical expertise and dedicated service to help you keep your communications running smoothly. In our store you can find wireless modems, routers, two-way radios and accessories. We offer high quality and fast (1-2 business days) repair service on most models of portable, mobile radios and repeaters. Our FCC licensed technicians provide high quality and fast programming and repair service on many types of analog and digital radios.

Please call 718-980-6787 or email us with your questions: sales@radioresearch.us

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Maxon SD-270EL telemetry data radio ICOM Scanner IC-R6 SPORT 0.1-1999 MHz Scanning Receiver (USA Version) Icom F7540, 700 MHz, 800 MHz P25 Mobile Radio with GPS, Bluetooth Maxon TPD-8124, TPD-8424 Analog-Digital DMR TDMA radio UHF/VHF, 512 Channels
CALAMP PHANTOM II high speed IP radio modem for license-free spectrum. Icom FR9010 VHF, FR9020 UHF P25 110Watts Digital Repeater. TRAM 1121B 1251 Set VHF 1/4 Wave NMO Antenna and Hole Mount NH4HC Antenna 26-29 MHz with 5 inch Magnet Mount