We offer analog and digital mobile and base radios.
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Icom F2821D 23 UHF P25 upgradable 45W mobile radio with 256 channels Icom F5011 VHF, F6011 UHF Analog Radios, 50W, 8 channels and LED indicators. ICOM F5021 VHF, F6021 UHF Analog Mobile Radios. 50W, 128 Channels, Display Icom F5061 VHF, F6061 UHF Analog Radios, 50W, 512 channels, 128 zones
ICOM F2821 ICOM F5011 F6011 ICOM F5021 F6021 ICOM F5061 F6061
Icom F5121D VHF, F6121D UHF IDAS Digital, Analog Mobile Radio Icom F5400 VHF, F6400 UHF IDAS radios, 1024 channels GPS, Bluetooth Icom F7510 VHF, F7520 UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz P25 Mobile Radio with GPS, Bluetooth ICOM F8101 Transceiver Mobile Radio HF 0.5-30MHz 125W  With ALE
ICOM F5121D F6121D ICOM F5400 F6400 ICOM F7510 F7520 ICOM F8101
Icom  IC-F9511HT VHF 110W P25 ICOM HM192 Remote Control Microphone for F8101 Radio Icom ICT CS120 20A 13.8V power supply and cabinet Maxon Base Station TB-8102 136-174 MHz, TB-8402 400-520 MHz with Desk Microphone
ICOM F9511HT ICOM HM192 ICOM ICT-CS120-20AG Maxon TB-8102 TB-8402
MAXON DMR Tier II TDMA/ ANALOG Mobile Radios MDM-4124 VHF, MDM-4424 UHF Maxon TB-EPS - Base Station Enclosure with Built-In Power Supply Maxon TM-8102 VHF, TM-8402 UHF Mobile radios 50W, 512 ch. with Matrix Display, Scrambler Maxon TMD-1124 VHF, TMD-1424 UHF DMR TDMA-ANALOG Mobile Radio, 1024 Ch. 50 Watt
Maxon MDM-4124, MDM-4424 Maxon TB-EPS Maxon TM-8102 TM-8402 Maxon TMD-1124 TMD-1424