Welcome to Radio Research Incorporated.

  Radio Research Incorporated offers the technical expertise and dedicated service to help you keep your communications running smoothly. In our Store you can find special prices for wireless modems, routers, two-way radios and accessories. We offer high quality and fast (1-2 business days)Repair Service on most models portable, mobile radios and repeaters. Our FCC licensed technicians provide high quality and fast Programming Service and  Repair Service on most types of analog and digital radios.

Please call 718-980-6787 or email us with your questions: sales@radioresearch.us

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F3400DT, F4400DT IDAS Digital Analog Portables. Antenna base dual band VHF 144-148 MHz, 4.5 dBd and UHF 440-450 MHz, 7.2 dBd gain. Antenna Base Aluminum 25-37 MHz, 6.4 dBi gain. Hustler G2537. F5400  F6400 IDAS mobile with 1024 channels, a color display, and GPS & Bluetooth built-in.
ICOM F3400DT F4400DT



ICOM F5400 F6400

Charger. Gang 6-Unit Charger for NiCD, NiMH, Li-Ion Batteries for Portable Radios. Interchangeable Pods. Icom IC-M605 VHF fixed mount with color display and rear mic connector BridgeCom BCR Series UHF, VHF repeater. Antenna UHF 438-485 MHz 5/8 over 1/2 wave, 4.5 dBd gain, with magnet mount and coax cable assembled.
KLEIN Electronics 6-SHOT


BridgeCom BCR TRAM 1170