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Base/Mobile Antenna Is Showing Very High SWR
  Please note, that SWR up up 2:1 is considered normal. If your SWR is higher than normal, try following the following steps:
  1. Make sure the SWR meter is calibrated.
  2. Check the cable's performance by measuring SWR of the cable with 50 Ohms dummy load.
  3. Try measuring SWR of the antenna with a shorter coax
  4. If the antenna requires grounding, make sure it is properly grounded.
  5. Make sure that the antenna is properly installed, within a proper distance from other working antennas and sources of signal distraction, such as metal roof, high voltage wires in a close proximity.
  6. Measure SWR at the edges of the antenna's frequency range to find a resonating frequency. Perform antenna tuning, if your antenna is tunable.
How big should be a hole for NMO hole mount?
  The traditional installation of NMO uses a 3/4 inch hole.