TRAM 1192 Mobile Antenna Glass Mount Dual Band VHF 150-154 MHz 2.5 dBd, UHF 450-470 MHz 4.5 dBd with Cable
TRAM 1192 Mobile Antenna Glass Mount Dual Band VHF UHF

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TRAM 1192 Mobile Antenna dual band VHF-UHF, 150-154 MHz 2.5 dBd gain, UHF 450-470 MHz 4.5 dBd gain, omnidirectional with 17' of RG-58/U coax cable with PL259 connector, power rating 50 Watts, VSWR less than 1.5:1. Tunable superior gain and wide bandwidth, 28 1/2" height.

You must not install it over defroster wires or on highly tinted windows. If the glass on your car is tinted from the factory, (tint in the glass), there will be no interference with the antenna's performance. You also have to properly ground the unit from the matching box to the car's ground, and then you must carefully match the antenna to the system using either a good SWR meter or, better yet, a good RF watt meter. If you do the install right you should end up with an SWR of well under 2:1

Installation instructions: Decide where you want to mount the antenna and then wash and dry the window well, both inside and outside. Use an alcohol prep pad on both sides of the window and the mounting plates to clean anything off that your first wash missed. Make sure you give a minute or two for the alcohol to dry after you use it. Peel the protective plastic off the outside mounting plate and stick it to the window. Be careful to align the mount exactly where you want it – you have about 1 second to move it once it’s on the glass! BTW, the little threaded stud where the antenna whip is mounted goes UP! And the outside is stuck on, awaiting the antenna whip. Don’t put the whip on yet – the glue needs to set first. Repeat the plastic peeling / sticking with the inside unit. With the inside unit, make sure that the wire coming off of it is pointed the correct direction. Let everything sit for at least 2 hours so the glue can harden fully. Screw the whip on Put on the horizontal ground plane element on the coax connector, and attach the coax. Tune up the antenna. Tuning is pretty standard with a VSWR meter and a couple of hex wrenches.

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