Connectors for Coaxial Cable
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BROWNING BR-N-140-S N-type Silver Male Connector for LMR-400, RG-213U Coax Cable ICOM OPC1106 CHEA Face Separation Cable for Extend Head M802 Radio Stud All Thread 3/4" 3/8-24 Replacement Steel Stud For Ham Antenna Mount 3/8 x 24 TRAM 1300 Mini-UHF Connector Male 3-pieces for RG-58/U
Browning BR-N-140S ICOM OPC1106 194 TRAM 1300
TRAM 1300-3 Connector Mini-UHF, Crimp, for RG-58 RG-400 type Coax Cable, 3 Pcs TRAM 1311 UHF-Male/ PL-259 Connector 2-pieces, Crimp for RG-8X, RG-59, LMR-240 type Coax Cable TRAM 140 UHF/ PL-259 Male Connector Nickel Plated for RG213, RG8, LMR400 Coax Cable TRAM 5458 Connector N Male, Clamp for RG-213, RG8 Type Coax Cable.
TRAM 1300-3 TRAM 1311 RF Connector PL-259 UHF TRAM 5458
TRAM 5500 Connector TNC Male, Crimp, for RG-58 Type Cable. TRAM 5600 BNC Male Crimp Connector for RG-58/U type Cable TRAM 5700 Connector SMA Male, Crimp, for RG-58 type Coax Cable UHF Male/ PL259 Crimp Connector for RG-58/U Coax Cable
TRAM 5500 TRAM 5600 TRAM 5700 TRAM 1310
UHF Male/ PL259 Crimp Connector for RG-58/U Coax Cable. Set of 10 Connectors
TRAM 1310