Maxon America Portable Radios, Handhelds
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Maxon TPD-1124, TPD-1424 portable radio with Color Display, analog and DMR TDMA MAXON MDP-6124 VHF, MDP-6424 UHFDMR/ ANALOG Radios, with accessories Maxon TPD-1116, TPD-1416 analog and DMR TDMA radios UHF 4W, VHF 5W Maxon TS-4116 VHF, TS-4416 UHF DMR Tier II TDMA-Analog radios with Encryption Loud Audio Output
MAXON TPD-1124, TPD-1424 Portable Radio with Color Display, Analog and DMR TDMA
List Price: $540.00
Our Price: $432.00
Savings: $108.00
MAXON TPD-1116, TPD-1416 Analog and DMR TDMA Radios UHF 4W, VHF 5W
List Price: $540.00
Our Price: $352.00
Savings: $188.00
Maxon TPD-1124 TPD-1424 Maxon MDP-6124, MDP-6424 Maxon TPD-1116 TPD-1416 Maxon TSD-4116 TSD-4416
Maxon TP-8102, ​TP-8402 Waterproof radios with scrambler, UHF 4W, VHF 5W, 512 ch Maxon TP8102R, TP8402R Waterproof radio with Voice Recording, Scrambler, UHF 4W, VHF 5W, 512 ch Maxon TPD-8124, TPD-8424 Analog-Digital DMR TDMA radio UHF/VHF, 512 Channels Maxon TSD-4124 VHF, TSD-4424 UHF DMR Tier II TDMA-Analog radios with Encryption and Voice Record
Maxon TP-8102 TP-8402 Maxon TP-8102R TP-8402R Maxon TPD-8124 TPD-8424 Maxon TS-4124 TS-4424
Maxon TP-5116, TP-5416 UHF 4W, VHF 5W radios with scrambler and ANI Maxon TJ-3100V VHF, TJ-3400U UHF radios with display, pre-programmed Maxon SPARTAN radios TS-3116 VHF 5W, TS-3416 UHF 4W, 16ch, w/antenna, battery, charger, belt clip Maxon TJ-3400UM  UHF Business radio with Display, Scrambler, Motorola compatible accessories
Maxon TP-5116 TP-5416 Maxon TJ-3100V TJ3400V Maxon TS-3116 TS-3416 Maxon TJ-3400UM